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House of Boing Game

House of Boing Game

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This house has got game! The House of Boing is the new party game experience that mixes speed, dexterity and fast thinking, all combined in a beautifully designed structure, perfect for display. Players can compete in 10 different ball games to determine who is master of the house. Ages 12+, 2 to 4 Player

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  • Each player picks a Room and chooses a Ball color. The player places 4 Balls of the chosen color in her or her room. Players should make sure the pivoting Doors on the Base of the House are in the open position.
  • Agree on an official starter. The starter shouts “Boing!” and everyone starts bouncing his/her Balls into the House of Boing, trying to empty his/her Rooms at the same time.
  • Players must always pick up and throw Balls with ONLY ONE HAND. Players can bounce Balls into the unit either through the Window in the side facing them, or bounce Balls up and into the Skylight hole at the top of the House of Boing. You cannot bounce Balls through the Windows facing other players.
  • If a Ball drops on the floor, the player who threw the Ball must immediately go and pick it up and get back to the game as quickly as possible.
  • Hint: watch other player’s Rooms. If you see someone close to emptying his or her room, then try to bounce more Balls in the direction of his or her Room to stop them from winning.

Winning the Game:
The first player to empty his or her Room of Balls and close the pivoting Door is the winner.

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