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Rosies Alotta Chocolate Gift Basket

Rosies Alotta Chocolate Gift Basket

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A Little Bit Of Alotta Chocolate Wonder Gift Basket Surprise! The over all value of this gift basket in CAD is $75.00 *NOTE ALL GIFT BASKET WILL NOT CONTAIN ALL THE SAME CHOCOLATE AND WILL BE CREATIVELY BE PLACED INTO A SURPRISE HAND-MADE PACKAGE* These will also include a little of alotta hand craft neat items! If you would like a certain chocolate in your basket , I will try to accommodate all of special request but there are NO certainty`s. You will receive 12+ bars from all sizes .. 2x bags of chips/& or a bag of candy ,X4 more mystery items included in the basket and an assortment of chocolate wonders! Please write after your greeting 2-4 Items you would love to see in this gift basket! It comes with a personally created poem, hand written to a post card from the location your parcel is sent from. With a cute souvieneour included! It has an option to include a extra special written gift tag, if you would like to send it to someone besides yourself please indicate below. ** palo-mine bars are a unique bar made from st.stephen ganong chocolate factory. You can not get these in the United States. **If you would like a ALL commercial chocolate gift basket please go to https://rosieboutiquecanada.patternbyetsy.com/listing/795107615/alotta-love-custom-gift-baskets and either create a custom generic made basket/box or purchase this identical basket through our other site! Stay tuned, We will be updating another picture soon!

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