Nail Polish Set - The 5 Fantastics Gift Box

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Beautiful and committed to sustainability down to your fingertips!A selection of five fantastic nail polishes: from an essential red for parties to a must-have pink for the winter, all the way to navy blue.The secret of these 5 fantastic Go Green nail polishes? They are formulated with ingredients sourced from plant biomass, such as beet, sugar cane, and wood. With these nail polishes you can make a commitment to the planet right down to your nails!Their formula is enriched with coconut oil and a bamboo extract. It maintains the hold, coverage and shine of a classic nail polish*.Your nails are perfectly and intensely lacquered, shiny nails with flawless coating. Set in Limited Edition. The perfect gift idea to gift to a loved one or yourself!

• Vernis Go Green n°23. Amaryllis Red, 0.17 fl.oz. / 5 ml
• Vernis Go Green n°15. Black Cherry, 0.17 fl.oz. / 5 ml
• Vernis Go Green n°12. Fuchsia Pink, 0.17 fl.oz. / 5 ml
• Vernis Go Green n°02. Pink Pearl, 0.17 fl.oz. / 5 ml
• Vernis Go Green n°29. Navy Blue, 0.17 fl.oz. / 5 ml
• Vegan
• With bio-based ingredients

Black Cherry Scented Candle"

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