12 pcs Sonic Toys Action Figures

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Will make HAPPY anyone looking for: Sonic birthday decorations
Gifts mini figures will bring tons of fun and joy!

Sonic figures set will engage your kids into exciting and creative playtime. 
Each sonic toy is an idea for a new sonic cupcake toppers
The hedgehog toys are designed to engage a child's imagination, and wider horizons. 
With these 12 sonic toys for kids enjoy creative role playing. 
Toys for boys size: 2-2.7 in 0.30-0.40 oz.
Cake topper are sturdy and can withstand super active playtime. 
Collect Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy and Evil Dr. Eggman, Shadow, Werehog, Metal Sonic, Knuckles & Super Sonic
Made of non-toxic, odorless, BPA Free materials, each is carefully painted and detailed

Party Supplies Cake Toppers, 
Carry Bag

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