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We Reduce Marketing Trash with Custom Branded Gift Baskets

Reach more clients with Marketing
that really works!

Send Custom Branded Baskets - The perfect Marketing piece.

Our Gift Baskets are completely customized to meet your specific Needs and Budget.
Each basket features brand, message and logo.
They can even include a Brochure, a Sample Product and a Gift Card.

Of course, you can also choose to reward your Clients and Employees as well.
All you have to do is select the type of basket from the list below, the quantity you need, and send us your logo and email address and we'll reach out to arrange things further.

A Brampton based Real Estate Broker

The Challenge: The client requested to include a Giant 3 liter bottle of champagne as well as 2 wine glasses in a Holiday Gift Basket.

The Solution: We’ve constructed our largest Gift Basket yet, made out of 2 large Gift baskets placed back to Back. Using a golden gift wrapping ribbon as a support for the massive whight load, threaded through the boxes as well as around the products.

A Toronto based Medical Center

The Challenge: Finding an innovative way to introduce a new line of sanitary products (including a Hand Sanitizer Bottle, Face Masks and Make Clip) to local medical offices and doctors. They requested to include a Custom Wrapping Paper with their logo, as well as a Personalized Tag and a business card.

The Solution: We’ve sourced a Medical themed Basket. Stored the Sanitary products inside the lower part of the box and designed a traditional gift basket on top.

Other Branded Baskets

A Richmond Hill based Real Estate Agent

An RBC’s Senior Director

A Toronto based Real Estate Broker