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Become a Seller

I'm Ready To Get Started! What's Next?

2. Once inside, click on My Account Icon at the bottom of the screen and then click follow the prompts on the screen to log your products in our cataloguing system.

3. When a purchase is made, you will receive an email prompt

Need more help ? For a Complete Step-by-Step Guide, Click Here.

Or book an Onboarding Session Here

If you run into any problems at all, or would like our team to walk you through the signup process - Reach out to us at any time! support@giftbox.ca

Why Become A Giftbox.ca Vendor?

Giftbox.ca provides a one-stop-shop for people to order gift boxes, baskets, and more. By providing an easy-to-use platform for customers to conduct all of their shopping from multiple vendors, we can provide both you and the customer a seamless experience that gets your products in their hands faster.
As a vendor with Giftbox.ca we value your business and provide quality service to you and  the customer to conduct all the heavy lifting of the ""sales"" process to help you grow and sell your goods online. Now you can use your creative skills to make gifts and start selling online today. No website needed. No startup cost.

How Does it Work & What's In It For Me?

Create an account and begin logging your products in the sales system by following the prompts on the screen. It's that easy!

At Giftbox.ca we help both full-time and part-time artists or vendors get their products out on the market. We bring interested customers directly to you with our curated categories, strategic product placement, and conduct our own Marketing campaigns so you don't have to.

Our goal is to get more customers buying your products, get more exposure for your brand, and facilitating Canada's #1 Gifting Marketplace.

What Do I Have To Do In Return?

We want both the vendor and customer to leave happy and satisfied after each transaction, and come back again for future ones! 
This is why we don't ask for any up-front fees or commitments, as well as stick to low fees on vendor products which are only paid at the time a purchase is made by a customer. 

Our fee ranges between 10%-15% of the listing price per product, and with this you gain access to our existing and quickly expanding customer-base, our advertising efforts, and our websites vendor platform.
As a vendor, you have the ability to set your own product pricing, which typically our vendors set at a special rate per product to encourage customers to purchase their products through Giftbox.ca.